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The pandemic still rages!

When I last posted back in June 2020 we didn't think that we'd be here in March 2021 and still up to our eyeballs in the pandemic.

Covid-19 simply won't go away.

So maybe 2022 will be the first chance the vaccinated population will get to have a proper holiday, and maybe even a cruise.


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Saga Spirit of Discovery - The Visit

Firstly. Let's get this out of the way.  The lunch was absolutely bloody marvellous.  From appetiser to the cheese and then a light sorbet for dessert.  The Angus steak perfectly cooked for me.  Cut like velvet.....  There were veggie options too. The service from the crew was as expected top class.  It sounds snobbish (for a working class bloke!) to say that although I enjoyed last year's Norway cruise with P&O, Saga tops them for service and that idea that cruising is still a rich person's holiday. It's not of course. Before that we had a coffee in the cruise terminal.  We went with friends, Ulli and John, but didn't get on the tour with them. The ship is really nice and we had a trip around all the decks and a view of the cabins. This will be an all-inclusive ship and for us oldies, it's free of children!   As it is almost new the show cabins were actually just cleaned as the ship was just back from a cruise, in fact there were many getting

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Deck 10. From our cabin looking forward. Still about a third of the ship behind us. It's massive.