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Blog moved to Travellerspoint

I decided that trying to maintain different platforms for the blog(s) was getting difficult to maintain and so I have decided to move all the travel blogs to Travellerspoint.

All the vehicle specific blogs such as "Suzi Triplo" will stay in Blogger.

Only any that are travel oriented such as "Cruising" and "Devall Travel" have been given up and entries in future will be in The new home of Devall Travels.


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Day 2 continued

From Solent Sky we made the mistake of thinking Ocean Village might be a marina with shops and places to relax. In fact it was a jumble of expensive flats.... Instead we ended up at Town Quay and parked there. It was very hot still with the car registering over 30°C still. We ended up in Starbucks near the Red Funnel ferry terminal. The local football team were at home judging by the variety of different Southampton shirts on display on everyone from kids to old blokes. Good to see so many people supporting their local club. Starbucks was air conditioned. A couple of fraps went down well. I'm glad I had the Canon with me to capture things... Problem being that the 1100D doesn't have WiFi to transfer pix off the SD card. Our parking ran out at 2.20pm and our check in time was 3.30pm before the added hour and a half from the email informing us of the delay. Rather than hang about we decided to go to the Ocean Terminal and see what happened. It was 2.35pm when we joined a q


Join the queue When we were here way back in 2013 the ship moored a coach ride out from the city centre. Luckily this time we are right on the end of the Bryggen block.  Where we had hoped to land last time has Fred Olsen's Braemar on the berth this time. We set off a out 9.45am just before the lifts went off for testing and maintenance.  Our first stop was the Fløibanen. The queue was pretty long and one of the attendants put out a sign to split ticket holders (us) and those that didn't. Having two shorter queues seemed a good idea. We waited about 15 minutes and got loaded on.  I took a video of it coming into the lower station. I might update with that when we get a connection greater than 2G!! Once at the top we checked out the view. It was quite muggy at sea level but cold at the top. We had a mooch about and retired for a coffee and 🍰 when it began to pee down.  The wind was strong from the north east and blew it away