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Blog moved to Travellerspoint

I decided that trying to maintain different platforms for the blog(s) was getting difficult to maintain and so I have decided to move all the travel blogs to Travellerspoint. All the vehicle specific blogs such as "Suzi Triplo" will stay in Blogger. Only any that are travel oriented such as "Cruising" and "Devall Travel" have been given up and entries in future will be in  The new home of Devall Travels . Travellerspoint
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Blog Paused

With no cruising on the cards for years, if at all, I have decided to pause this blog.  To maintain it, I have backed up the posts and imported them into Devall Travel . Covid continues to ruin our lives and those of the poor bastards that are affected by the virus and those that have died.  Thinking about a cruise pales into insignificance.

And still Covid-19 ruins lives

I've not added any posts to this blog since 6th April 2021.  Many of the UK population had had their second jab by then and we were looking forward to being "safe" from the pandemic. Here we are in late November.  Many of us older people have had a THIRD jab and still there is no light at the end of the tunnel. People are still getting Covid-19. People are still dying. We can hope for a better 2022 but only a fool would bet any money on that being true.

The pandemic still rages!

When I last posted back in June 2020 we didn't think that we'd be here in March 2021 and still up to our eyeballs in the pandemic. Covid-19 simply won't go away. So maybe 2022 will be the first chance the vaccinated population will get to have a proper holiday, and maybe even a cruise.

Cruise 2022?

Given the problems with cruising at the start of the pandemic, I expect a lot of people have decided to take a back seat and let it pass for a while. I have seen a few programmes on the TV where river cruising has been the main subject.  Either the Rhine or the Danube.  Both look attractive if not a little pricey. As with most things it is cheaper to go outside the school holidays.  As I work in Education I have a contract that means I have school holidays off. That is really good as I finish in late July and go back in early September after a long summer.  Of course, I get paid less than I used to when I was on a 52-week contract with paid leave. Claire is already retired and able to go at any time.  I retire on 23rd December 2021.  Unless the Government changes it again I am a wage slave a little longer! So it makes sense to look at cruises and holidays in 2022 when it will be cheaper outside the tie of the school holiday system! Where to go? I like the idea of the Dan

Saga Spirit of Discovery - The Visit

Firstly. Let's get this out of the way.  The lunch was absolutely bloody marvellous.  From appetiser to the cheese and then a light sorbet for dessert.  The Angus steak perfectly cooked for me.  Cut like velvet.....  There were veggie options too. The service from the crew was as expected top class.  It sounds snobbish (for a working class bloke!) to say that although I enjoyed last year's Norway cruise with P&O, Saga tops them for service and that idea that cruising is still a rich person's holiday. It's not of course. Before that we had a coffee in the cruise terminal.  We went with friends, Ulli and John, but didn't get on the tour with them. The ship is really nice and we had a trip around all the decks and a view of the cabins. This will be an all-inclusive ship and for us oldies, it's free of children!   As it is almost new the show cabins were actually just cleaned as the ship was just back from a cruise, in fact there were many getting